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 1.Growth unit for growing very large (up to 500 kg) single-crystal sapphire of optical quality

 Basic features of "Machine M500":
•method used in cultivation - Kyropoulos;
•crystal size up to 500 mm in diameter and 900 mm in height;
• mass of the crystal up to 500 kg;
•optical quality of crystal - 1-2 class;
•the percentage of successful crystal growth >  90%;
•purity of the obtained crystals > 99.997%;
•power consumption (maximum) - 150 kW;
• crystal production cycle - 256 hours;
•the energy consumption for 1 kg of synthetic sapphire - no more than 36 kW*h;
•life-cycle of machine – not less than 10 years (with the replacement of thermal unit elements).
(should be able to grow at least 266 crystal boules).

2. Products made of  high-temperature ceramics (temperature of the working area
more than 3 000 C):
•Size range of crucibles,
•Size range of screens,
•Custom-made products according to the customer demands.

Applications of high-temperature crucibles and screens:
- in the production of parts of furnaces,
- for growing sapphire,
- melting of quartz,
- melting of rare-earth metals,
- production of monocrystalline silicon.

Advantages of the ceramic crucible:
- Life span 2 to 3 times longer;
- The cost is 2-3 times lower;
- Does not require a vacuum environment which simplifies the technical process of melting.