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Innovations in “M500”


Energy efficient "Machine M500" is being designed for growing large
(500 kg) single-crystal sapphire optical quality.

1. Development of composite ceramic crucible, combined with the heater, will enable us to grow crystals large sizes of high optical quality.

Increasing the size of the grown crystal from 85 kg to 500 kg will reduce the energy intensity for the production of 1 kg of crystal 4-5 times and increase productivity of one unit by 6 times.

2. An innovative equipment for non-stop supply of raw materials to the crucible will allow using materials of any density, which will lead to savings on the cost of input materials by 30-50%. This device will allow to use 100% of the crucible volume compared to the 80-90% of crucible usage in the existing machines.

Competitive advantages of "Machine M500"

•Allows to grow synthetic sapphire of very large size (up to 500 kg).
•Able to grow crystals of high optical quality.
•The cost of 1 kg of crystal is lessened by 45%.